A Head-To-Toe Brand + Site Makeover for The Barn on Southridge!

Mar 18

Happy Monday Friends! You know there’s nothing I love more than a launch day. The buzz of a freshly finished project. The relief of a thrilled client knowing they can move forward in their business attracting their ideal clients. It’s just the best. Kayla came to me looking for a complete overhaul. She knew her breathtaking wedding + events venue would blow people away once they arrived on site, but they simply didn’t have the branding or website to help lead customers to that point. Nothing a thoughtful head-to-toe brand + site makeover couldn’t fix ;).

Working with The Barn on Southridge team was a designers dream. Kayla trusted me with her vision and truly listened to my guidance along the way. My job as a designer is to create both a look you love, but also an experience your ideal customers love. It can be hard to let go of the reigns in terms of design because your business is your baby, but know that this can be the result of trusting your designer. Thank you Kayla.

So with that said, take a look at The Barn on Southridge’s brand + web launch!


Client: The Barn on Southridge  |  Photographer: Rachel Traxler | Designer: BLK Sheep Creative




I cannot express my gratitude to Kayla and her Team (Kylin + Rachel). Thank you for giving me free reign as the designer to create a thoughtful design and an impactful experience for your ideal clients.



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