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Empowering women in business to fall in love with their brand and live their passion.

the mission

Fast forward to right now as I'm typing this -- I used to think nothing would make me happier than living out my dreams. I've now realized nothing is more full-filling to me than helping you live out your dream for your business. I can't start or run your business for you girl, but I can sure take away some of the stress and empower you in your business. Design is so much more than your logo -- it's the experience you give your customers and part of the legacy of your business.

Hi, I'm Kris. I'm a mountain girl from upstate New York who grew tired of working in the corporate world soon after I graduated college. I didn't want to work for someone else and try to fit into their mold -- building their dream. I wanted to build my own. The only thing that scared me more than leaving was staying. So, I left my corporate career and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio with my dog to chase everything that terrified me -- a business of my own, a long distance love, and the new adventures we'd make together. So if you're wondering if I understand how intimidating investing in your own business can be, I've been there and I'm here to help.

the Owner + Designer behind
BLK Sheep Creative.

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I can't forget to mention this little man.  

meet poops

His name is Jethro but everyone calls him Poops. Local good-boy, office manager, and the best professional napper I know. Usually glued to my side, he's as much a part of the design process as I am.